World's first and only NON-DESTRUCTIVE insulating gas analyzers for insulating glasses.

Developed and manufactured in Finland, the Land of thousand lakes.


Sparklike devices are based on our proprietary and patented technology, which allows the analysis of insulating gas concentration — without having to break the insulating glass unit or having extra components inside.

What kind of glass are you producing?

Sparklike Handheld™


Double glazed insulating glass units

Sparklike Laser™


Double and triple glazed units with coatings and laminated glasses 

4320M m2

Produced double and triple glazed per month

100M m2

Analyzed double and triple glazed units per month


Cost for invasive measurement per month

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Our innovations are
World’s first and only
insulating gas analyzers


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Energy efficiency

with devices that are Made with pride

One key feature in modern insulating glass unit is filling it with inert gas, and keeping the gas inside the unit for many years. The gas fill plays a significant role in thermal performance of an insulating glass unit. Controlling and determining the concentration inside the insulating glass units requires effective and reliable tools to meet the increasing and tightening industry requirements.

Sparklike devices™ are in the cross-section of
science, technology and nature.

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The ease of use is excellent compared to the traditional methods

We have been using Sparklike Laser Portable
for the non-invasive measurement of double and triple glazed insulated glass units since August 2016. Using this device ensures the end product is fit for purpose and meets existing legislation. The ease of use is excellent compared to the traditional methods where the glass needed to be broken in order to conduct the analyses of the gas fill. In addition, the accuracy of measurement for gas concentration as well as cavity and glass thicknesses is a big improvement for customers. Finally, and most importantly, the portability of the device has given us the added benefit of being able to move more easily around factories and building sites.

Christopher Kemp, Director Inagas Ltd