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Founded in 2000, Sparklike (Helsinki, Finland) is the world’s
leading expert for measuring the gas content of insulating
glass. Gas content is a significant factor in improving the
energy efficiency of insulating glass and is thus an essential
part of global energy saving efforts.

We are the only one in the world to have developed devices that
can measure the gas content without breaking the insulating
glass. Our unique measuring devices are used all over the world,
from specialty glass factories to test laboratories and construction

Since 2000 we have delivered over 2 200 devices worldwide. Our
technology enables insulating glass manufacturers to produce
products that meet the ever-tightening industry and government
energy standards. With our non-destructive insulating gas analyzers, our
customer receive quality control to their IG products. 

Sparklike’s mission is to improve the manufacturers’ and suppliers’ Quality and Competitiveness in the insulating glass industry


  • Proven energy-efficiency on IG products
  • Easy and effective quality checking – automated 100% control with Laser Integrated™
  • Optimization of gas filling process and IG line operation
  • Cost savings in production and quality control by enhancing the efficiency, improving the product quality, reducing complaint ratios and callback risks
  • Strengthening the quality brand

Non-destructivity with our devices, allows our customers to deliver tested IG units, test already installed units or perform long term automated testing to their production. The gas concentration analysis can be done for double and triple glazed insulating glass units. The technology for Sparklike Handheld™ devices is based on Plasma Emission Spectroscopy. Sparklike Laser™ devices, on the other hand, are based on Laser Technology (TDLAS).

One key feature in modern insulating glass unit is filling it with inert gas since it plays a significant role in its thermal performance. Obtaining a required amount of insulating gas during production and keeping the gas inside the unit for many years, has thus an important effect on the insulating glass unit’s energy efficiency. Energy loss always leads to unwanted and unnecessary costs.

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