Sparklike story

Confirming the energy efficiency and sustainability of IG units – without breaking the glass

The story of Sparklike

Throughout the years, the window industry has responded to the energy-efficiency requirement by developing different types of insulated glass structures. Gas-filled insulating glasses and specific coatings contributed immensely to the energy efficiency of windows and became the best solution and state-of-the-art choice for high-performance IGUs.

 This in mind Niklas Törnkvist and Mats Therman, the partnering entrepreneurs behind Sparklike, started to pursue their development idea in the year 2000. They were inspired by their discussions at the Chemistry Department of the University of Helsinki to look into the possibility of applying spectrometry and plasma emission spectroscopes as measuring and analyzing tools for the measurement of gas fill in IGUs. The idea leads to their first product, a semi-portable measurement device. The device was developed in cooperation between university researchers and entrepreneurs as early as 2001.

This new innovation solved the challenge of testing, meaning that it gave the IG manufacturers an easy and effective way to make sure their products are of high quality and meet the tightening industry standards and end-user requirements. The traditional invasive method was a functioning, though costly method, that involved breaking the gas sealing of an IG unit and destroying the valuable product. Sparklike solved this problem with a device that did not involve breaking the product. Sparklike wanted to commercialize the device and introduce it to processors of insulating glass. This Sparklike’s first product was named GasGlass 1002. Later, the same technology was applied with Sparklike Handheld™ (first named Gasglass Handheld) in 2006.


insulating gas measurement Development continues 

In 2011 Sparklike set out for a new technology breakthrough by initiating development work based on laser application. It was now possible to develop a laser system to meet the demand that focuses on the measurement of oxygen absorption. This resulted in a new product line, Sparklike Lasers™, which was launched in Fall 2014. Today this line consists of Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.0. which is a mobile one and it can be used in production sites but also buildings.

The latest development in the laser technology field was the Sparklike Laser Integrated™, which was introduced in Fall 2018. Sparklike Laser Integrated™ is a non-destructive insulating gas measurement station, and when integrated directly into any IG-line it provides information on the gas fill right after the filling process. The device’s dimensions and speed are compatible with all kinds of IG-lines and the level of integration can be adapted based on the customer’s needs and insulating glass line requirements. Optimization of gas filling process and IG line operation ensure our customers to have competitiveness through quality assurance, and to save in production and quality costs and thus make the most out of their business.



Sparklike CARE™ and future

Sparklike has continuously grown and as well as developing their products, they are also investing in their customer service and after-sales. Sparklike established CARE™ service program in addition to customer service to cater to the customers’ requirements. We have professional and enthusiastic staff to help with any needs our customers have. And we can personally help to choose the right devices and plans for our customers’ development. We promise You can always count on us. Controlling and determining the gas concentration inside the insulating glass units requires effective and reliable tools. So Sparklike continues today with ongoing development and updates on the unique innovations and technology developed over twenty years ago. We are proud of our products and the part we play in enabling a sustainable future. We are taking energy efficiency to the next level.